LibreOffice non-Server Collaborative Editing

I am looking into LibreOffice Collaborative Editing article published in May 2012: Stuff Michael Meeks is doing that uses Telepathy protocol.

Just wondering how far is this feature? Is it already in some experimental phase in 4.1 or not? If yes, can someone point to some documentation how to set this up.

The commit history for telepathy tends to indicate little development. I am uncertain to what degree this feature has been developed. I would think there are other methods for using LO collaboratively that are likely in a more usable state.

This AskLO thread is related.

Thanks for answer. I was not clear enough. I don’t want to setup a server to store documents. I just want simple collaboration, you know like two people to collaborate on the same document, possible to work in parallel.

For Calc I have found one solution (Tools | Share document): Collaboration - LibreOffice Help but it requires a shared directory which can be pain for non-computer-nerds.

So the Telepathy looks promising, you know two instant messaging clients communicating with each other. Probably simpler to configure. Hope some development gets on this topic.

P.S. I changed title of this thread to “non-Server Collaboration”.