LibreOffice ODT File Growing in Size After Modifications

I’ve noticed something strange with LibreOffice Writer’s handling of ODT files. The ODT file for my story was about 70 kilobytes after I made a bunch of modifications to it. The content.xml inside was about 250 kilobytes. If I made a small modification, but didn’t increase the file size by much, the file size would increase anyway. Strangely, when I exported the ODT file to an RTF file, then saved the RTF back as an ODT, it cut down the content.xml file size to about 130 kilobytes, and the resulting file was about 10 kilobytes less with the same content (at least by the human eye). Also, when opening and looking at the content.xml files, I find that the larger (250kb) content.xml seemed to treat the same text format as different formats, so it would switch between them in the middle of a line even though they are the same. Why is this? How can I fix it?

Check if you haven’t enabled changes recording

Nope, not enabled.

This problem seems to be due to duplicate and dead direct formatting. I posted my solution here: Attempt to Preserve .fodt Format Names