LibreOffice to XLS script

I’m trying to create a VB script to open a libre office calc template, write some data and save as xlsx .
Do any of you has done it before? Thanks

If you really wish to use VB-Script or Visual Basic .NET you may need to start LibreOffice and send commands via an receiving port, as discussed in the following thread for (external) python programs.

If you wish to create a macro inside LibreOffice, you may find out LO has BASIC, but VisualBasic is something special from M$. The API in Open- or LibreOffice is quite different from MS-Office. Follow the link provided by @JohnSUN for more information.

To port some scripts it should be mentioned there is some “VBASupport” as shown here:


Yes, this has been done for quite a long time.
Please download this file -
See chapters

  • 5.8.4. Create a new document from a template

  • 6.3. Set cell value, format, string, or formula

  • 5.17. Saving And Exporting A Document

I’m not sure I understand which programming language you’re talking about now. Do you really mean VisualBasic?

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Or even VBScript?

@capzilla, here is VBScript (VBS) according to the technical specifications.
Replace inFile and outFile with your values.


Option Explicit
Sub Main()
  Dim oSM, StarDesktop, oDoc, args, retval
  Dim inFile, outFile
  inFile = "file:///C:/Temp/Example.ots"   ' C:\temp\Example.ots
  outFile = "file:///C:/temp/Example.xlsx" ' C:\temp\Example.xlsx
  Set oSM = CreateObject("")
  Set StarDesktop = oSM.createInstance("")

  ' 1. "Open a libre office calc template"
  Set oDoc = StarDesktop.loadComponentFromURL(inFile, "_blank", 0, Array())

  ' 2. "Write some data"
  oDoc.getSheets.getCellByPosition(0, 0, 0).SetValue 1  ' Put 1 to cell A1 of 1st sheet
  ' 3. "Save as xlsx"
  Redim args(0)
  Set args(0) = oSM.Bridge_GetStruct("")
  args(0).Name = "FilterName"
  args(0).Value = "Calc MS Excel 2007 XML"
  oDoc.storeToUrl outFile, args
  oDoc.Close True
End Sub

Main  ' run script

See also this topic.