LibreOffice Ugly after upgrading to 5.1

I have an Arch Linux system with Mate DE, and I’m using Paper theme.
Until 5.0, LibreOffice was ok, but now that my system upgraded it to 5.1 it seems that it tries to use the system theme, and becomes ugly.

There’s any way to fix this behaviour?

I figured it by myself. It seems that LibreOffice 10m0(Build:3) uses GTK3 by default. I don’t know if it’s intended, as until 5.0 GTK3 was experimental. I solved the problem by editing /etc/profile.d/, uncomenting export SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gtk and rebooting my system. This env var forces LibreOffice to use GTK2, so it worked.

Is that a fix or more of a temporary workaround until gtk2 becomes unworkable? I ask b/c I am honestly interested. There is a fair bit of work being done at present to move LO to gtk3. Thanks.

Thanks dude!