LibreOffice with .NET

I can not find documentation how to connect LibreOffice from .NET applications. Are any samples of connection string, objects (like Connection, Recordsets, DataReaders, Execute and so on). Is it possible to OLEDBConnection object to connect to LibreOffice Base?


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I apologize but I believe that Apache OpenOffice and LibreOfice ARE DIFFERENT PRODUCTS. I have no idea if both products have this feature or not. I understand that both products have differences. It is possibly that one of products have this feature but other not. If both products have been written using the same code I wouldn’t waste my time to write the same question at other forums because I will get the same answer from the same developers.

I didn’t install OpenOffice yet. If I will have access to VBA libraries of MS Access, MS Excel, and MS Word from MS Visual Studio Community Edition I will not need MS Office anymore. OK?

LO & OO were the same at one point. LO went on its’ own years ago and while other modules may have significant differences, Base remains much the same. The AOO forum and this Q&A site answer much the same questions.

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Thank you very much for explanation. By the way I tried to use Google before I post this question but I didn’t anything. No posts, no recommended books. If I will not get answer to my question I don’t have any choice to continue to use with MS product

:slight_smile: By the way, has this in its header:

User community support forum for Apache OpenOffice, LibreOffice and all the derivatives

Now I got that there are the same people respond to any questions for developers here and at this forum. I will continue to discuss my problem at the mentioned forum in my thread. I just collect information about this product FOR NOW. I make my applications just for fun (it is not a production environment) to make my life easier and therefore if I can get red of commercial product and replace it with open source product it is fine. Thank you anyway. :slight_smile:


Do not know about this from experience but do see at least some posts through Google. Try:

Yes, I tried EVERYTHING at Google before I posted this question. You can open OO spreadsheet but there are not any information about connection to OO database. The last topic about this problem has been posted in… 2012, The answer was “NO. It is impossibly” There were 9 years ago. There are not any question at forums, no books, no documentation, no references. That’s it


There is no OO or in this case LO database. LO Base is a front end to databases. You connect to a database through JDBC or ODBC. What database is being used determines how to connect and what to use. A connection string is the same whether using Base, or Python or something else.

I have connected to many databases through Python and Base.

Connection through Base are somewhat listed in the documentation → LibreOffice Base Guide. See chapter 2 - Creating a database.

I’m sure if I can connect through Python this would be possible. However I have no personal interest in doing so.

You stated:

If I will not get answer to my question I don’t have any choice to continue to use with MS product

That is your choice.