Libreoffice writer + impress + all the rest (can't update)

Can’t update any of these?Any suggestions?

As you wrote elsewhere Raspberry pi 4 B libreoffice version you are most likely on linux and the software-center of your distribution will handle updates (often hiding the tool apt, if the distribution is based on debian).

And “elsewhere” is

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Iasked a question with the relevant information and all I get in return is complaints rather than an answer.Whatever next?

This site is almost ass hard to use as linux is for me a noob.Why do I even bother?

Sorry, I didn’t understand your question. I thought it might have been how to update your other questions on this site.

  • What are your trying to do? Update LibreOffice?
  • What have you done so far?
  • What is not working?

Please read this thread, and check where you gave “relevant information”…

Updating software depends on the OS. And we don’t know which OS you use. (Even Win10 is available for Raspberry, I heard…). For Linux the question is Raspian or any other Linux. You could use a LibreOffice from your distribution or have installed from TDF - but judging your question doesn’t make it likely you installed anything yourself.
So my suggestion would be to google for raspberry pi update LibreOffice and maybe you find a less hard to use site.
But for raspbian usually updates come automatically via apt. If you need faster updates than your linux-distribution provides, than you have to install yourself. Good luck and bye.

Note that @O_Neill responds by mail; so they likely don’t even imagine there are threads here, and here is something unclear in the fragmental and vague individual messages they sent here… :slight_smile:

I am trying to increase the font size of the menu and the options underneath it.My comp is a raspberry pi 4B and my version of office is

I am NOT trying to update my main problem is increasing the font size of the menu and the options below it.I’m running raspberry pi 4B and office

So we can close this thread.

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With 20+ years of physical and mental health problems that are getting worse organising anything is a struggle

Try to find somebody near you who can visit you and help you to fix this. If you don’t know anyone, try to get help from local institutions who can put people in need of help in touch with volunteers who offer help. The Netherlands has lots of websites where people offer help or ask for help, some local, some for the entire country. There’s bound to be something like that where you live.

The Netherlands?I live in Scotland friend

I can only hope that people in Scotland aren’t too different from the Durch when it comes to helping others.