LibreOffice Writer. Possible bug. Format|Page.

Brilliant software. but have come across a difficulty in a setting.
Version: (x64) running on Windows 10 (x64) with all current updates (08/03/2019)
With a very large single line paragraph contained in the document set the page width to 100.00 cm and then alter to 140.00 cm and then 130.00 cm. The wrap text appears to apply to a much narrower page setting. Now reset the page width to 120.00 cm and very unexpected consequences arise in the text display. This can be resolved by resetting the page width to 100.00 cm or lower.
For an accurate representation of a line of text the page width limit appears to be 110 cm.
The obvious answer is that there may be some limitation in the text wrap or page width but if so it is not trapped or reported to the user. Have been unable to find mention of any such limitation in the LibreOffice 6 Writer manual or on a limited check of the wiki.
Is this a limitation or a bug?

Please don’t hesitate to file bug reports. Specifically here, it there were some proper limitation, it would not let you create such a page in the first place - so definitely there’s some bug here (even if just to synchronize limitations).

I kind of remember having seen such a limitation in a bug report but I have no time today to search for it. It is related to the internal unit of distance and how many there are in an integer.

I do agree that an overflow should be reported to user.

@ajlittoz - you must be referring to the limitation of page size… which is Please increase or delete page size limit in Draw. But I believe that here’s a different issue.

When you adjust the Writer PAGE STYLE to the maximum user setting it appears that you can set the page, including margins to 300 CM or in inches 118.11 with left and right margins .79in. Whether this restriction applies to the other components, I have not tried.