LibreOffice writer way too complicated.

LibreOffice writer way too complicated. Features I will NEVER use. I need a simple word processor. Why do you make everything so complicated? Even this ‘ask a question’ process is a way too complicated. Am about to uninstall the whole suite if not resolved.

Please use a tool that fits your needs.


Am about to uninstall the whole suite if not resolved.

Recommendation: Abiword - probably easier to handle with.

Yes, and computers too in general. They come full of applications I will never use. They force me to change my habits from paper and pencil. They don’t understand what I write on the screen, stupid dummy things! And the pain to clean the screen when it is full. The eraser leaves dirty marks that even solvents can’t remove.

A friend of mine told me there are books to learn how to use it and tame the beast. What’s that? I’d have to read a manual before using it? Strange thing, it should understand what I have in my mind and obey at once. Read! Have you ever heard something like that?

I think I’ll dump the thing and hire an assistant to do the job. At least, I can yell against a person when I am not satisfied and get results.

You can open Writer and just begin typing. Save your document first with a file name. Then as you type, continue saving so you don’t lose what you typed should your computer shut down unexpectedly. You don’t need to use all the features.

What specifically do you find too complicated? Maybe someone here could try to help and could direct you to a help page.