Linux Mint 18.3, LibreOffice, Canon TS3122 MFP Scanner not showing

I am running Linux Mint 18.3 and have LibreOffice I purchased a cheap MFP from Walmart in August to replace an ailing Epson that had finally failed. The new unit is a Canon TS3122 ink jet printer/copier/scanner. I initially set it up as connected to my PC via a USB cable. After loading the Canon driver files from Canon’s site I was able to print but LibreOffice never “sees” the scanner - nothing shows in the “device used” option after I have clicked on “select source” under “scan” in Writer. I was able to only use Canon’s scangearmp2. The same has held true after switching over to wireless only. Canon answered my inquiry by basically saying they did not support linux. Since LibreOffice prints to it using Canon’s own linux driver downloads, does anyone have any idea if there is a way to get the scanner supported in LibreOffice? I don’t think this is a LibreOffice thing so much as it is just the scanner is somehow isolated from view in the system. Is there anyway to define the Canon scangearmp2 as some sort of front-end to be used when requesting a scan from within LibreOffice? I know it’s a long shot - but I have to at least ask :wink: Thanks for any help!

I’ve read that 64-bit LibreOffice can not yet support a scanner. Try a 32-bit version.

@Hrbrgr 64-bit is working. See comments here → how do I import a photo from my scanner?

Does not work with me under Win-10-64-Bit either. With “select source” comes no reaction.

Don’t have answer for that. I have two working - The Canon mentioned in the link and a Pixma MG2520 AIO both working on Mint 18.3