LO-Witer - strange little problem, capital ''İ'' with a dot on top

Hello everyone

On a Google search, I found that, in order to type a capital ‘‘İ’’ with a dot on top, we should type 304 while holding the Alt Key down.

LibreOffice Writer’s “Insert Special Characters” shows the same thing.

But, still in LibreOffice Writer, when I type 304 while holding the Alt key down, I don’t get a capital ‘‘İ’’ with a dot on top.

It types a 0 (zero).

Would anyone know why??

In advance, thank you very much for your assistance


The appearance depends in the used Font. Some fonts not contain the desired special characters.

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It only shows that the character code is decimal 304 in Unicode. But the “hold Alt and type decimal code” is something not working on Windows reliably; decimal codes are something esoteric, not used at all (people use hexadecimal codes to refer to Unicode), and actually is intended for entry of “ASCII” characters (i.e., only works when your current Windows codepage maps that code to that character); and e.g. MS Word introduced a special key combination for the Unicode character entry: Alt+X. LibreOffice also uses that key combination, available since version 5.1. Just type 130, and press that combination after typing the last hexadecimal digit. This also works in the opposite direction.


Thank you very much, everyone