Location of language dictionaries in Ubuntu / Linux

Where are the language dictionary files located in Ubuntu / Linux Mint

The quality of the Dutch spell-checker is not very good… Is it possible to edit the dictionary files?
Where do I find them?

in .config/libreoffice/4/user/extensions/shared is nothing to be found

I user LO with several languages installed
On UBUNTU 14.04

[Edit: added LO4.2.8 + ubuntu14.04 tags]

There seems to be a problem in UBUNTU and MINT with the Dutch spell check. I’ve installed LO 5 in Ubuntu 15.04 and some words are note getting the correct suggestions… I will report that as an bug. thanks!

Go to (menu):ToolsOptionsLibreOfficePaths

(the above is accurate for 4.4.4 + 5.0.0)

Dictionaries are located on my Debian 6.0 at:


The single file at that location is “standard.dic”, and is the user additions.

I’ve installed from the LibreOffice web source rather than from Repo. On my system LO dictionaries are located at:



(see also README at these locations)

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The /opt/ file directory is not the default location for libreoffice therefore I wanted to down vote this answer.

Thanks Alex. This is just what I was looking for

I cannot find the OPT folder… It is missing, while i have worked with some time ago…