Macro to toolbar

Please, when we do a new macro, how can we set it to toolbar line?
Many thanks!

There’s a step-by-step guide in an earlier Q&A. If that link doesn’t take you directly to the correct entry, it’s the one beginning “My earlier reply stepping through…”.

N.b. - make sure you click the “(more)” link (easy to miss!) in that entry to get the complete sequence!

Those instructions are for adding a macro to the menu, but you should be able to see how that would work for toolbar as well. Hopefully they will do the trick for you.


LibreOffice Writer Guide · Chapter 16 Customizing Writer · Customizing toolbars (pages 7 ff.)

(Reference: Documentation · LibreOffice Writer Guide 4.0.x branch)


Sample: Tools → Customize… → Toolbars…