Maintain Key Stroke triggered macros on a different computer

I have completed a calc spreadsheet which contains several macros that are triggered by key strokes such as shift+ctrl+M. When I run this program on a machine that did not create it these macros don’t work. When I look at the assign information the macros have not been assigned to these key strokes. How can I have these macro assignments move from machine to machine?

Modifications of keyboard shortcuts and menu are stored in the user-profile. So you need to sync a part of your profile. But it is possible to save keyboard settings to a file. Check here:
I guess it would be easier to add some buttons to your spreadsheet and bind the macro to pressing the button. This avoids to sync a second component.

Hello colleagues!
An alternative way is to create document-specific keyboard shortcuts that are stored in the document itself.
For an example, see here.

Thanks for this. I’m a newbie at this and finding my way around the documentation I find very frustrating. I also find it frustrating that the only example given was for a writer example which, of course, has some differences from calc. It seems one must have a degree in Libre programming in orfer to be able to figureit out. Although I had very little difficulty in figuring out VBA. (Notice I didn’t say “mastering”.) Anyway, I got it working on my laptop but my follow up question is this. Will this process have to be followed for every new machine the program id loaded on? If so, this could be very difficult for people who are very limited in their computer knowledge as all we want to do is send them the program and let them run it without having to go through the process of loading the new keyboard configuation file onto their machine. I agree that it isn’e much different from installing any other new program file but their are many who may be scared away by this. I’d hope that the geniuses who otherwise have done a remarkable job with Libre would fix this inconvenience so that the new configuation simply travels with the spreadsheet.
Thanks again for your help.
Old Jack.
PS: In the meantime, I’ll have a go at sokal92"s suggestion.