Make hidden rows & columns more visible

The title seems antinomic but what I mean is that I’d like to make it more evident that rows or columns are hidden by displaying a thicker or colorized line separation directly on the sheet, rather than just having the header separators get thicker.
Is that possible ?

Hello - Have you ever thought of using Data - Group and Outline -> Group, which is adding an indication character (=toggle button) (+ and -) left to the row numbers / above columns to indicate hidden or shown rows / columns, could support your intention?

If this does not fit into your requirements, you are welcome to file a feature request at

Thanks and done:

Change the border style of the column or row next to it.

Thanks for the idea but that’s highly impractical for me. I use the hide feature quite frequently and also use border styling in my sheets so this would add too many operations to perform in my workflow.