Making changes to all labels at once

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Since the previous question regarding the same issue is closed with no resolve, I have no choice but to ask the question again as I have found no resolution elsewhere.

I am making labels, equivalent to Avery Letter size 5267 (Return Address). I have filled in the appropriate information I want into the label but I have found nowhere I can change the font, size of the characters or alignment of each label as a whole. So far I have had to go in and change each label individually which is a daunting task when there are 80 labels per sheet.

Is there a way I can go in and change the font. size and alignment of the set of labels before creating the sheet of labels OR an option to select all labels (not individually, collectively) and make mass changes?

Any help you can provide would be awesome! Thank you in advance


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Will do, thank you. New user error. Just when you think you’ve thought of everything… :slight_smile:


Please see answer in this post → how to keep font information on labels with data from spreadsheet database?

Thank you!!


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Done. Thank you


You are most welcome and thank you for deleting the non-answer answer!

Added a link to what I was referring to originally also. You’re awesome! Thanks again!