Memory Error - PC or LO issue?

Win10 LO6.4.7 Hsql2.51


Seldom,but every now and then I do get a message as shown. Is this a Hardware issue memory leak or something to do with LO ?

image description

Mind you my Laptop is way beyond geriatric.



It is hard to say. At first thought it may be hardware. Then found this post → Referenced memory error when exiting Calc 4.4.3. Not exactly the same but close enough to make the noted hardware problem questionable.

Do you only get the message when you’re using LibreOffice or do you get when you use other applications as well?

Have you run a memory test on the system?

I’ve gotten an error like that (a long time ago - didn’t even LibreOffice on that system). In my case, it seemed to be due to the age of the system and the high memory usage I was using. Running a memory test didn’t show an issue though, but it was indeed the memory stick. Even if you only get the error when using LO, I suspect your LO usage might simply be generating slightly higher memory usage causing you to hit the problem in the memory stick itself (meaning if you consumed a similar amount of memory via another application then you’d still see the error eventually).

Thanks for the pointers gentlemen, Yes only occurs when using Base but suspect its the hardware, pretty heavy use for a 5 year old machine. Forgot about memory test, will do, thks again

Memory test does not show any failings, just have to monitor it closely.