[Meta] How do I change my password?

Of course, when you reject my password I cannot access any further. So. I am waiting for the token you said you sent me to my email that will allow me to change my password. How long do I need to wait for that email? My major reason for seeking help is because I cannot access Libre Office or any of my files.

There is no password to access LO. You can set passwords for files but you will be the only one to know the passwords. Do you mean the password to log in on this site?

Yes. To log on.

@deebeebowing: Click on your user name at the top of this page to access your account details. Then follow the manage login methods link.

I’m assuming you need to change your password on your ask.libreoffice.org account

This is the same correct answer as ajlittoz. But with both screenshots & details for newcomers at How can I change my password on this forum? - #6 by Francewhoa

I also want to know how to change the password to log in on the libreoffice website.

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