Misplaced spreadsheet!

I created a simple spreadsheet within last couple of months which I cannot now find [it is not logically in the folder that I would expect]. Is there any way for an amateur to list in date order all spreadsheets [or documents] produced in that time. It is a domestic situation and there will not be many!

You could search in the URL-History list (default list size: 100).

Tools > Customize > Toolbars > standardbar > Load URL [enabled]

Load URL

What’s your OS?

Maybe is without extension, because wasn’t tick the Automatic Extension where in the save window.
Try searching with an explorer of the system to find the file where do you think it is or select all files in the open-files window in LibO.

**Thank you so much for first answer which helped 100%. I have now - with hindsight - saved the file appropriately [in Income Tax!]