move MS Office 2010 to Libre office

I want to use Libre Office instead of MS but do not know what to do first then second.

I have a lot of MS Office 2010 office and student Word files in my desktop and don’t know when to do the
? options>general>etc. to switch extensions.

When do I remove MS office?

I have back ups of all these files on flash drives so what do I do with those to make them Libre?
Thank you as this is my first post and I look forward to using Libre

I am using Libre Office especially writer successfully and have changed .odf to .docx .
However, mobile is a problem in that the recipient has to have the conversion app in their phone . My phone told me it would upload to docs whee it would be converted.
I was trying to avoid the cloud. I may resort to Google docs if I do not buy Word.


When do I remove MS office?

Never do that if you are not forced to that step. There are masses of forum queries about problems in converting Word documents into (readable, no losses in layout or function) Writer documents. Change step by step from Word to Writer.

Please explain a bit more clearly so I do not make a mistake I will be sorry for. Thank you

Hi Peter N. - please limit your posts to ONE question only, and use a fresh “thread” to post another. That’s how a “Q&A” site works best.

I understand. I am trying to find where I start a new thread and will work on it. Thank you for your directions.

You don’t need to remove MS Office (as noted in a comment), nor do you need to convert your documents, unless you wish to. See these earlier Q&As on MS Office and LibreOffice compatibility:

Those earlier threads should give you good guidance about how to manage the change-over from MS Office to LibreOffice.

@dajare Just an observance - ‘from 2014(1) & (2)’ are the same links.

Thanks @Ratslinger - I thought I had been so careful about that! :confused: I don’t think the one I edited in now is the one I origially had in mind, but I’m on a different machine, and can’t seem to find that other one. Might edit in another link later…