Move single cell in Calc

Why can’t I move a single cell in Calc? In Word after I make a selection, I can rollover the selection and a crosshair will come up letting me know I can move it. This works for single and multiple cell selections. However, I can’t do this in LibreOffice and it drives me nuts. I know I can just cut and paste cells, but it’s very inefficient

LibreOffice help:

Mark a single cell
Do one of the following:

Click, then Shift-click the cell.

Pressing the mouse button, drag a range across two cells, do not release the mouse button, and then drag back to the first cell. Release the mouse button. You can now move the individual cell by drag and drop.

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With either of the two methods quoted by m.a.riosv you will see the selected cell has a different background and border color (light blue). This indicates that the cell is ready for drag-and-drop.