My page numbers are now showing up as 'Page numbers'. What went wrong?

This morning all was well, this afternoon my odt documents that contain page numbers have the page number replaced with the text ‘Page numbers’ (without the quotes). This is happening with my freshly edited and saved docs AS WELL AS documents that haven’t been touched for a long time (except to open them just now to inspect. I should also mention that if I save the document as a pdf, the pdf shows the correct pagination.

“I haven’t changed anything, honest” (yeah right, we’ve heard THAT before…)

Does anyone have any clues about what might have happened? Thanks…


View → Field names. The change can be triggered by Ctrl F9 too.

THANK YOU Thank you thank you! I probably did bump ctl-F9 without understanding the consequences…

Glad you got a good answer – but please don’t use this answer area for comments and thanks. You show that by upvoting, and “checking” the right answer, which you’ve done.

Thank you!!! It worked for me also!