My UI is bugged

Running LibreOffice on Ubuntu Gnome and all of the windows started looking like this a couple of weeks ago.


The black background makes it basically unusable. I’ve tried changing my desktop theme and even removed and reinstalled the whole LibreOffice package to no avail.

What version LO? Have you tried rolling up to 5.1 or back to 4.5? Do you have any unusual View or Personalization settings under ToolsOptions? High Contrast scheme? Was it a distribution upgrade that changed it

The first thing to do with weirdness like this is to rename your Profile:

Restore a Default Profile

I would suggest that you Restore a Default Profile as the very first action (the actions below are easily reversible).

Note that when you uninstall LO/OO it does NOT uninstall/delete the profile.

The profile contains a user’s setup.

“If you notice any strange behaviour on LibreOffice, or simply it fails to start, the first thing to try is to reset the user profile.”

  1. Shut down LO/OO (also quickstarter)
  2. Find your profile
  3. Rename the dir
  4. Restart LO and/or Quickstarter
    (on restart, LO will re-create the Profile directory + contents, using full defaults)

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