Needed: Impress in Normal and/or Slide Sorter view: Display synchronously at least 2 slides side by side at detailed resolution

There’s a need for (=there’s missing) in Impress in Normal view a “view option/mode” that allows to show from one and the same odp file (= from one slide file) at least two slides side by side for comparing them, and ideally editing them quickly without needing to flip back and forth or to scroll+click in the slide side bar all time between them (currently, one can only see one slide at a time, very limiting. → SlideSorter does not help: read below)

There’s the need to be able to select any two slides for side-by-side view at high detail resolution. If this is libreoffice-source-code-wise too complicated to implement, then at least two subsequent slides should be displayable synchronously side-by-side at high detailed resolution and extent in the horizontal and vertical direction. An option to select if side-by-side (=horizontally) or top-bottom (vertically) placement is needed. On large 4K monitors, even 4 slides could be shown synchronous (and edited), in a “square-like” placement mode, that is: one top-left, one top-right, one bottom-left, one bottom-right.

Slide Sorter view: It is not a work-around, nor alternative, because:
Slide Sorter offers only a strongly limited maximal resolution per shown slide-stamp. Even if e.g. one selects to show only 2 slides-per-row, and maximizes the Impress window to a full 4K 40inch monitor, Impress does not increase each slide-“stamp” to fill the total available horizontal space but instead stops at a hard-coded(?) maximum slide-sorter view slide stamp size (= horizontal 14cm x vertical 7.5cm). In addition, Impress leaves the rest of the horizontal Impress window space simply empty.

Solution/Needed: Remove this hard-coded max slide-sort-view slide size. Allow to slide-sorter-view two slides at high & detailed resolution by allowing to increase each slides sizes to the full available horizontal window size. Make use of the empty (wasted) space at the right side of large Impress windows on large monitors.

By Normal, do you mean Normal tab in editing window? What about Window > New window and arrange them side-by-side, or above each other depending on preference? You can even have four windows on same file with different slides showing for editing

Yes, Normal tab in Impress editing window.

Yes, I’ve tried “Window > New window” .

For some people and type of modification this might be ergonomic, but in general it is not, it is a rather poor and dangerous workaround.

  1. A second (third, forth) new window comes with all its window elements (decoration, window frame, Impress-toolbars, Impress-side-pane, status bar, etc). These new-window-caused ac-companions occupy a lot of space on the monitor. Thus, one then has to start the effort to remove all these ac-companions by clicking several menu options in the second(3rd, 4th,…) window.

  2. Slide position in window and slide zoom setting in the new window(s) are not automatically aligned to the primary window. They are rather different. Also since one has to move windows first with the pointer to place them on the monitor correctly. So one has to re-zoom in/out in each window to try giving all slides in all windows the same size on the monitor. It implies a lot of horizontal, vertical scrolling, and in-out-zooming/testing in each window.

If one could view/edit at least two (subsequent) slides in one and the same Impress window, they would per-se have the same zoom-ratio on the monitor and would be well aligned (in top-bottom view: the left slide border on the monitor of the top and the bottom slide would automatically form one vertical line on the monitor. Or for left slide vs right slide placements: the slide’s bottom/top edge would be on one horizontal level of the monitor)

A separate window suggests (in all other cases/applications) that this is a separate instance and/or separate document. So when closing the main Impress window, it is non-intuitive that all child-window also automatically close. From source code/programmer perspective, this might be so obvious. But from user perspective who might work on different windows/browser/mails in between, then one comes back to the Impress windows and might simply want to close one (the main Impress window without remember its main-character) to continue just working in one of the child windows (without remembering that this is a poor child-only window). And thus, one looses all windows by closing the main one. It should not be the users duty to keep track of each windows’ rank, especially since one starts moving the around due to (see: 2).

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But what you requested is easy for me to do on my current computer with New Window. I thought to let you know how.

From your points above:

3 Fallacy. If you had tried it, you would have seen that closing the first window does not close any other window.

1 If there are too many icons for multiple windows then change the user interface to reduce the amount of screen given to control elements, View > User interface and choose Single toolbar , Contextual single or similar. Or customise to have only the menubar.

3 Automatic placement of windows in halves or quarters by drag is a function of Windows operating system and, before that computer failed, of Mint Linux I am pretty sure. Probably some other operating systems do a similar trick or have widgets to do so.

Image of screen with 4 windows opened, then first window closed, only the three child windows in use.

Version: (x64) / LibreOffice Community, CPU threads: 8; OS: Windows 10.0 Build 22000; UI render: default; VCL: win