Non-torrent download version available?

I don’t recall the Libre download being a torrent. Is this new? I don’t have a use for torrent downloader programs, and the only time I tried to install one, I ran into malware issues. If this is the only way I can now download Libre, can you suggest a safe torrent?

On the LO Download page there is a big green button. The text on the first (English) button reads:

Main installer

197 MB (Torrent, Info)

The text “Main installer”, “Torrent”, and “Info” are all links that underline when you mouse-over them. If you require the installer via direct download use the “Main installer” link. If you require the installer via torrent use the “Torrent” link. If you are not getting the right file via the right link, please indicate the operating system, language, and version you are attempting to download.

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