Opened a pdf file with Draw in error

I have a spreadsheet that I saved as a pdf file. I somehow opened it in Draw in error and I can’t find how to open it the way I had originally opened it. Is it possible to change the way it is opened?

Hi Anonymous, It’s not clear to me what question you’re asking. Is it

  1. You’d like to have your OS open a pdf file with a different program
  2. You’d like to open your file (which might be a pdf, or maybe a spreadsheet) with Calc
  3. Something else?

I think this is an OS related question.

If my assumption is good, I guess you’re using Windows, and therefore I think following page will give you an extensive answer:

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Not pdf files only open in Draw.
The only way to save a spreadsheet with pdf is enable the embedded option in Menu/File/Export to PDF.

Then when you open the PDF with LibreOffice the embedded file is open, and you can edit it.