Opening an OpenOffice Database

Why can’t I open an OpenOffice database with LibreOffice? I get an error message that says I need to install Java Runtime but when I do that LibreOffice fails to recognise the installation. Any ideas welcome.


LO requires Java to be the same bitness (can be 32 or 64). You may also need to install JDK if your OS is Mac.

Please see → Frequently asked questions - General.

Once installed insure settings are correct. See → I have been trying to create a new database in base but it keeps telling me I have a problem with Java

If you really mean OpenOffice, then if you are using the Windows version there is only a 32 bit version, unlike LO which has both 32 and 64 bit versions.


My take on this is simply an odb that was created with AOO but is now to be used in LO.

I’m sorry; I wrote that without properly reading the question; re-read the Q and thought I had cancelled posting the comment. Mea culpa :slight_smile: