Opening calc spreadsheet in email

Our work email is Outlook 2010

I have both calc and excel on my system

I email someone a calc spreadsheet as ODS. They are having a hard time getting it to open. If they save and send back to me my system wants to open it in excel. If I right click I don’t get an open with. It just wants to open with excel.

I get way more emails with excel versus Libre calc sheets so I’m reluctant to switch Libre as my default. Saving it then opening it under Libre is taking too long if I just need to open and tell them it is good to go. They cannot convert it to xls. They can convert to xlsx but it is casing format to not carry over/ some formulas error that are critical.

Is there no way around this?

Don’t email someone using MS office an ods. Save it as xlsx instead and send them that copy. MS doesn’t play nice with the OpenDocument specs. (they wrote their own)

As for you opening xlsx files with LO, are you doing this from within Outlook or are you saving the file and trying to right-click open from the File Explorer? It’s possible Outlook doesn’t contemplate anything but MS Office options. If from the File Explorer, I’d say look into why you aren’t getting the ‘Open With’ command in the context menu and figure out how to associate LO with xlsx if it isn’t already. (note, Windows generally triggers file associations based on extension only, while Mac and Linux check the file type that is contained in the file header itself. This is why those OSs have an easier time of letting you use whatever you want at any time to open any particular file and why you can open some files with the ‘nearest’ app even if you haven’t registered that extension-association yet)