Opening file from web page gets into "Read mode" - how to get rid of this "read mode"?


LibreOffice on Windows XP. When ever I open LibreOffice document from web page (like our in-house made application) LibreOffice opens Calc/Writer document in “Read only” mode. Then I need to save a document to some location and NOW I am allowed to edit the document. This is annoying because I open Calc document just to make some verifications and after closing Calc, I don’t need this document anymore.

Is there any way to get rid of this “Read Only” mode and when document is opened from the web page it gets into “Edit” mode automatically?


You may press the Edit File button in the Standard toolbar.

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I was wondering why “Edit File” button is always grayed out, know I know it is not grayed out when file is Read Only… Excellent. Thanks. Vote: +1