Page numbering

I wanted originally to start page numbers (from number 1) on a page several pages into the document. I’ve tried several different recommended options but all have failed.

As a workaround, I’m now planning to split the document so that the numbering starts on the first page of the second document. But this will now not work. The first page footer has “footer default style” and when I insert page number it show as 1 - fine. But then the second page footer style shows up as “First page footer converted 505”. There is no page number shown, but when I use insert page number it also shows up as 1. (Oddly in the panel below the page, page 2 is shown as page 3.) None of the subsequent pages are numbered.

Any ideas please about how I can reset this to use sequential page numbering as I have always done without any problem?

Try using the instructions given in the answer to this question to initially create a new document. This should give an idea about how page numbering works. Then begin copying over your existing content to the new document.