Pivot Table empty line field

I have a pivot table with 3 line fields (the 1st field is to classify, others are only to show some text information) and a single data field (sum).

How to get rid of the “(empty)” value? I would like to change it to something else… but data source will not be changed (that’s, source has empty cells).

I want to change “(vazio)” to “…” or something else like " " (single space).

thanks very much,
yours, Daniel, from Brazil

**Source Data**
Class	InfoText1	InfoText2	Data
1		qwe			here		10
2		rty			there		20
3		asd						30
1		fgh			now			10
2		zxc			then		20
3		vbn						30

**Pivot Table**			
Class	InfoText1	InfoText2	
1		fgh			now			10
		qwe			here		10
2		rty			there		20
		zxc			then		20
3		asd			**(vazio)**		30
		vbn			**(vazio)**		30
Total Resultado				120

Thanks very much for suggestions.

Best solution was to create a new column with function
“IF(CellIsEmpty; SpaceChar;CellValue)” and use this new column as
data source for pivot table.

Changing value of data source (by Find&Replace) is not applicable.
Users will not fill empty cells with something only because they shall/must do it…
Empty cell is what it is, empty value.

LO-CALC must handle this in a better way, as MO-Excel does! This looks like bugware :frowning:

Or … instead of leaving the original data cells empty (that is, NULL) you could type a space character in them. It’s what I do!

(vazio) in Brazil language means (empty). If you would like to replace (vazio) with empty string each time you execute pivot table, then:

  1. Edit | Find & Replace (or press CTRL+H).
  2. In Search for box type in (vazio).
  3. Click on Replace All button.

This is bug fdo#47523. Status has been set to an enhancement request. It essentially relates to how the Identifies categories check box (under More options…) treats the original data. The Calc Guide v3.4, p.205 has this to say:

With this option selected, if the
source data has missing entries in a
list and does not meet the recommended
data structure, the Pivot Table adds
it to the listed category above it. If
this option is not chosen, then the
Pivot Table inserts (empty). […]
Without category recognition, the
Pivot Table shows an (empty)
category […] Logically, the behavior
with category recognition is better. A
list showing missing entries is also
less useful, because you cannot use
functions such as sorting or

As @froz indicates “vazio” is Portuguese for “empty”.

@danieldc - A possible workaround could be to create an additional column and the IF function to replace the empty cells by something, which matches your needs. It would not be too much work. If assistance is needed please post your question.