Play sound when document saved - is this possible?


I moved over completely to Linux about 2 months ago and switched all the office documents over to Libre Office ODT and ODS formats (a huge job - lots of mail merge documents to rebuild from scratch).

Everything is working great but one thing I miss that I had with word was a sound that plays every time I hit ctrl + s.

I’ve looked through the LO options but haven’t found a setting to enable.

Can this be done in Libre Office?


Please file an enhancement request on this.

FTR: the feature in Word is “Provide feedback with sound”:

Is it possible to write a macro that would play a sound and assign it to some of the Events in the main LibreOffice menu Tools → Customize → Events list? I see that Save Document is in that list. (I have never written a macro so have no idea whether this is possible.)

Ref: tdf#133585

Coincidentally I wrote the same question here

It appears that the answer will continue to to be “no this will not be added”.

Thanks for your reply. I just want to ask if it’s worth doing that.

I have searched this up using various search engines and I haven’t found a single post about it, so it looks like I would be the only user asking for it, which leads me to believe there’s no demand and they would never implement it. What do you think?

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Do not use Answer to comment. You could edit your question, or comment an answer. Thanks.