Please abolish upvote-restrictions

I’d really like to support some questions by voting them up. Unfortunately I just joined the community (as many others) And it seems to be hard to get points here.

Thus I think many interesting question haven’t been upvoted - simply because nobody can.

There may be not just a handful of zero-karma-users with rather funny ideas about the value of contributions. Once in a while there also is a spammers attack…
You surely will be able to give a helpful answer one of the next days, and this way to get the needed “karma”. If the OQ in that case misses to mark the answer correct, let me know using the @Lupp notifier, and I will see for it.
PS I am a simple user here.
BTW: Would you mind to list a few examples of questions needing an upvote?

Could not find how to edit my question, so I’ll write a comment:

Tank you.
'1. Don’t you have an edit-link to the edit mode in the right-aligned group where Comments is left aligned? It relates to the question. The edit-link for each comment is below of it, right of the link to the author’s page…

'2. I now faintly understand your concerns. What do you want to achieve by upvoting? Is it exclusively meant to give rewards to the author? OK.
'3. The examples are roughly of the kind feature-request. They may be discussed here, but will not find their way into a to-do-queue from this askbot site. Feature requests for LibO are to file to the site in the same way as bug reports .