Portrait document printing in landscape?

I create a text document in portrait mode. When I go to print it the print preview shows it in landscape mode even though it says it is in portrait mode…making me crazy!

Has anyone else had this problem…any suggestions?

OS and LO version?

Check the configuration of your printer on Windows. Perhaps is landscape. Or check on File – Printer configuration – Properties, that you have configured portrait.

Thanks…I checked and re-checked everything…both printer and LibreOffice print preview were both set to portrait… THEN I found someone else had asked the same question in this forum … it turns out to be some kind of bug in the programme… the answer it seems is to change page width to 8.2 inches…FIXED THE PROBLEM!!!

Sigh. Still no mention of the OS and program version… And I suppose that OP is using an outdated LO on macOS, which would imply that the answer would be not to change the page dimensions, but to update the program.