Possible addition bug in LO

I know this is going to sound lame and bizarre, but I don’t see what my error is, and this is repeatable on other computers.

If I:

  • Take two specific number (6185.77 and -5541.12)
  • sum them together (either =B6+B7 or =sum(B6:B7) )

I don’t get the expected sum but 644.650000000001.

The funny thing is that if I change either of the initial numbers at all I don’t get the extra 0000000001 on the end.

Different file types don’t help (.xls, .ods)

It is repeatable on different computers:

  • 2 machines with LibreOffice on Raspberry Pi 4B Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye) aarch64
  • LibreOffice on a Pinebook Pro Manjaro V5.17.5-4 aarch64)

Older versions of LO (4.x.y.z) didn’t have this issue.


Calc is not working with decimal nubers, but binary and I guess you are at the limits of precision: