Possible to change LibreOffice Application headers from "Untitled - LibreOffice Writer" to "Untitled - Writer"

IS there some hide of feauture or tweak to do this.

On my Mac LO ALL Untitled are “Untitled 1”.
This would suggest that the system determines the title.

The string “LibreOffice” is in file <program folder>/share/registry/main.xcd. It is in compontent-data “Setup”, in node “Product”, the property ooName. When you want to change it there, you have to close LO totally, including quickstarter. Be careful to make a backup before editing the file. This string is used in the build-in help texts too, so some will look odd, if you remove the string.

Note: Under v4.2 this option is now accessible via Tools > Options… > LibreOffice > Advanced > click Expert Configuration button > browse down and select /org.openoffice.Setup/Product Preference > ooName Property > click Edit button.