Prob in converting xlsx file into single page pdf

hi all, hope everyone is fine.
I am facing a problem … I have generated multiple xlsx files using node js. Now I want to convert all of them into pdfs from command line using libreoffice. The pdfs are coming split vaguely into multiple pages but I want each pdf to be in one single page. Can anyone please help me in doing this via command line only?
Thanks in advance!!

You may start reading here

and it would be useful to know of your OS, Version of LibreOffice etc. (The last person who apologized for not giving this info thought LO was only running on MacOS. Same for you?)

Hi, thanks for your reply.
Yes, my os is macOS Big Sur version 11.5.2 and I am using LibreOffice e1f30c802c3269a1d052614453f260e49458c82c

I can’t test on a Mac. But check this link: Converting to pdf via CLI with parameters

It should be possible to generate a profile with the single-page option and selecting this profile to be active, when you call convert-to.

Maybe somebody with a Mac can test this.