Query to get LO Base embedded db version number

Reading a recent answer it became apparent that the SQL that is accepted in a DDL query (Tools->SQL) depends on the db engine and on the version of that engine. Obvs when you think of it!

So my new question is whether there is a command that can be put into Tools->SQL that will tell me what the embedded db is, and what it is currently running. Presumably this is HSQLDB-dependent at present (and from LO 6.1 will depend on the forthcoming embedded db which is Firebird)


Don’t recall ever finding SQL to actually obtain the embedded version number. However, there is a macro on this post → How do I display the HSQLDB Embedded version? which will display the version.

Unless you have specifically modified LO, the version will be v1.8 and using another version internally will cause problems with being able to use the created Base file on any other system unless that is also modified.

The manner in which to use a different HSQLDB version is to use a split DB. When using HSQLDB this is the preferred method because the embedded version can result in data loss.

Thanks for the link to the mactro

Clarification: By “split DB” do you mean install the other version of HSQLDB server, and connect to that as an “external” db on localhost?

If not, I don’t understand what a split db is, please point me at some relevant docs online, or advise if this should be a separate q

No. A split DB does not refer to using the server mode but rather that the data for the database is no longer retained within the .odb. More information on this can be found here → [Wizard] Create a new ‘split’ HSQL 2.x database