Quiz using Impress in which options are hidden after being clicked

I’m making a quiz in which a set of options are displayed on the first page in the form of a grid. Each option links to a question on a separate page, and each page has a link back to the main page. What I’d like to be able to do would be to hide options on the main page after they have been selected, so that each time the user returns to the main page, only new options can be selected. Is it possible to do this in Impress?

If the words Macro and Basic don’t scare you, then perhaps you will be interested in this approach to solving your problem - Impress macro is only partly functional when used in presentation as opposed to outside - #5 by OscarES

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Thank you! I’ll check it out. I haven’t used macros before, but I have dabbled with various programming languages, so they should be OK.

I wish you success! If you encounter difficulties, just ask a question here, they will be happy to help you.

I got the code working all right, so I can do what I wanted to do with the quiz. But I’m getting serious warnings, similar to those described here: How to disable dangerous file hyperlink warning. I’m not sure how I can remove them.