Record a macro

In Calc
What and where is the command to record a macro
Where is the command to stop RECORDING a macro

In Excel, when you are at the top of a column of data, and
you wish to get to the bottom of it, the command is

What is the equivalent command for END DOWN on CALC?

Record Macro Option:
From Menu: Tools -> Macros -> Record Macros.

Once you click, a small window would appear which would have button to STOP recording.

After you stop recording, a dialog box would open to save the macro.

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Recording macros is an optional feature and is only available if enabled under
Tools>Options>LibreOffice>Advanced>Optional Features.
Coming from MS Office you may feel lost. Recording is heavily restricted, and recorded macros look basically diferent fro macros you would write on your own line by line. In addition LibreOffice Basic actually is just “another Basic” containing very few additional predefined names (with specic functionality then, of course). Any nontrivial macro having to handle objects for the document will need to use the uno-API, while VBA glues all that into the language.

The LibO macro recorder on the other hand uses a few 1000 predefined routines NOT implemented in Basic, and sparsely (at best) documented. Avoid recording generally, or rework recorded code to better fit into your macros.

What you call “END DOWN” may be what LIbO Calc does if you press Ctrl+DownArrow. You can record the command. Using the API it’s a bit more complicated

What is the equivalent command for END > DOWN on CALC

Ctr+Arrow will take you to the cell with data prior to the next blank cell in the direction of the arrow. Ctrl+Home will take you to A1. Ctrl+End will take you to the last row/column whre there is data or formulae.

See also Keyboard Shortcuts for Spreadsheets

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