Regression bug

I have reopened bug No. 39894 because LO5 has a bad regression - a bug that was fixed long ago shows back in the new branch. Nobody seems to have noticed it (still unassigned) so I use this opportunity to call attention. It’s a bad bug, definitely a stopper, I had to go back to 4.5 I hope that somebody will soon take care of this bug.

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LO5.1 is out but the bug is still there. Nobody cares about this horrible bug?

Hello? Anybody alive out there? Not a single developer willing to investigate this horrible bug? I have reported the bug, posted here and also in the Japanese forum, I do not know what else to do, This is getting really frustrating!

(My view only! I’m not a technician in the field. Answer regarding the questioners own answer and the comments appended there.)

It’s obviously a matter of interaction and cooperation: Windows (Did you already run 8.1 or 10 when using LO4?), the OLE implementation in the respective Windows and the usage of it by Mathtype and LibO as well. (I once heard of some problems with software using undocumented features of components by MS and their related… Didn’t you, too? And more recent versions of Win or of other software by MS often didn’t handle old software/related documents correcly even if from their own workbench.) Do you know someone using .doc or .docx [or .odt] with embedded Mathtype objects in MS Word Writer under the same system configuration? Of course, the issue may be caused by LibO. This is, however, not the only possibility. Why shouldn’t “dessci” be interested in the case? They may want to sell their next version to you. LibO won’t sell anything. They (dessci) might have technical insight enabling a shortcut with the OLE responsible at LibO…

Did you also consider that including OLE objects bound to Windows or Win-only-software may close in your documents - and yourself? LibO is dedicated to interoperability and portability - as far as not others hinder this impregnably. If you want to surrender so far, why not use MS Word Writer?

No reaction, but this is a serious bug and nobody seems taking it seriously. We need developers with a Japanese environment to reproduce and fix the bug.

Is @ROSt53 still active in a Japanese environment? Can he confirm the bug?

I have updated the bug description. You can reproduce it even in an English environment as described, at least if you have Win10. Please try, this is really a ugly bug!

(I’m an ordinary user in Germany - and I’m not ready to put my presently only working OS at risk.)

Are you aware of the fact that the attachment to your fisrt comment in the mentioned bug report labelled “.odt file with simple Mathtype equation” does not contain a ‘Math’ object but a ‘Draw’ object like your next 2 attachments. Thus I cannot edit the Formula and can see neither its actual kind of using tags nor its settings (Fonts e.g.)…


The only mention of ‘Math’ by the Release Notes for V 5.0 is: “Since the introduction of a new “Elements” docked pane in Math (in version 4.1), it was intended that it would replace the old, OOo-inherited “toolbox”, or floating pane, which was difficult to use and had visual problems in certain UI configurations (such as dark themes). This old element has finally been removed, thus streamlining the UI by removing redundancy. tdf#68871 Thanks to: Julien Nabet and Adolfo Jayme Barriento”

No, it is NOT a draw object. You see it as such because you do not have Mathtype (, with which the equation is editable. It is not a Math object, but a Mathtype equation inserted as OLE object.

To be correct: There is also a mention of 'Math concerning their (new) embedding in RTF documents.

Do you read my answers? It is NOT Math, but Mathtype. This is an external application embedded as OLE.

Sorry! I actually misinterpreted the question from the beginning basically. This despite the fact that you mentioned “Mathtype 6.0” in your first post. Too silly! Did you already report to “dessci”? Do they worry about the issue? After all they seem to make money from selling licenses.

And: Yes I read your answers, but my last comment was not addressing your previous one. In fact the coments crossed. The askbot isn’t always satisfyingly fast for me. As I never used Mathtype I will leave here,

Why should I report to dessci? Their software works just fine with LO4, but the result is corrupted in LO5. Same version of Mathtype, different version of LO, It is here that the bug should be fixed, isn’t it?