Removing horizontal line?

In Writer, a horizontal line sometimes appeared when Backspacing or Entering forward , a line of text. Now the lines are in every space. If I Enter text down leaving a blank, the page fills from the top down with lines. I’ve tried the obvious icons and removed "horizontal line " from Default Style. But the lines won’t budge. They’re breeding. help.

Refer the answer here to note various ways in which a horizontal rule can be created. It sounds like you may be experiencing the first method, in which case the result is a border on the paragraph. Use Format > Paragraph… > Borders tab to remove the line.

The technique of format>paragraph>borders to remove the line does not work for me. I set “no border” but libreoffice obstinately restores the same border. Why can I not impose “no border” as default ?

I just have applied “Format - Paragraph - Borders” command twice to fix problem:

  1. Selected 2 paragraphs across horizontal line and added borders to them from “Format - Paragraph - Borders” - “Set All Four Borders” button. Click “OK”(it removes line, however new border are applied)

  2. Not changing selection removed newly added paragraph lines using “Format - Paragraph - Borders” “Set No Borders" button and clicked” clicked “OK” button