Report builder compatibility with openoffice

I am about to move my Base from OpenOffice 3.3 to LibreOffice(latest release). having lots of reports build with Report Builder I am wondering if they will be working fine as well. are there any small, major differences? or will they work without any problem?

There are a few ‘known’ bugs with Report Builder in LO - for example see HERE. Also see this list of troublesome report builder bugs.

Before you switch to LO, it might be a good idea to have a good look through the bug reports for Report Builder, just in case there are any that are ‘mission critical’ for you. Just go to and search under ‘Report Builder Database’.

Note, some Report Builder bugs are long-standing, while others are more recent ‘regressions’ such as the ‘text field font bug’, however, I think this one has been fixed now - see HERE.

As far as i know it is the same module/extension in LO and in OO. There was new version. So it should work fine.