Request: add CLI installer manager for Windows

Recently I found an equivalent to “apt-get” for Windows, Chocolatey is The Package Manager for Windows, you can install, upgrade, uninstall multiple programs at the same time, like apt-get, some examples:

$ choco install blender
$ choco install Freecad --pre
$ choco install sweet-home-3d

… and this is not just for programs because add-on, plug-ing, script, macros, complements, extensions, etc, can be managed from there.

in context, if a windows user wants to update their programs, need open each URL and download individually each program and this can be a pain, with choco you just need do this:

choco upgrade all -y

… could be a help for new users.


add a choco installer

$ choco install libreoffice
$ choco install libreoffice --pre

Please take a minute and read this Introduction - Feature Request and what it states about where Feature Requests should go to. This site is the wrong place to contact developers and to request enhancements…


no additional installer required. Chocolatey is able to install MSI packages and there are already provisions available for installations of LibreOffice using chocolatey (Query LibreOffice Packages on Chocolatey Website). The only thing required is an installation package for new LibreOffice releases, which should be provided by chocolatey provision-package maintainers.

See also: #tdf136690 - Status: RESOLVED NOTOURBUG

We need an official update since, check the image:


… all those are outdated and deprecated versions, LibreOffice is the only in with this problem, what I request is:

LO 7.0

add a stable, fresh, dev, and help pack, all but updated versions

add extensions if possible

if there exist external libraries, add a choco package or integrate into the already existing.

Did you read the bug report? - regardless of how urgent this might be for you, you address your issue to the wrong people. It’s purely a matter of and this rating is a result of reading how chocolatey stuff works.

ok, I will search for a solution since, but IMHO should care about this.

IMHO should care about this.

This is your opinion but it is definitely not TDF/LibreOffice developer’s issue. LibreOffice (TDF) doesn’t care about Avira Software Updater, IOBit Software Updater, Patch My PC Updater, OpenSUSE zypper package managenment. Ubuntu/Debian apt package management, Slackware tgz package management, Redhat/Fedora/CentOS dnf package management or Manjaros pacman software managerment (to name only a few of such tools) and consequently not about chocolatey’s tool.