Rows in pivot table set to 90° automatically revert to 0° (cell format)

Specs first, Debian stable, LibreOffice via Flatpak (flathub).

Creating a pivot table for some reports. Lots and lots of column entries (~50), so set their alignment to 90° so that more can fit on a page at one time. Works just fine. But if I use any of the pivot table filters, all the rows that were set to 90° alignment revert to 0°. Any way to get them to maintain their proper vertical alignment so that the pivot tables stays usable while still being able to use filters properly to get the information needed from it?
(Search words “cell”, “format” added to the subject and * used originally for angular degree changed to ° by @Lupp)

There were many releted questions and also answers. Some of the questions you easily find using the search words pivot table format. Another one I recently answered was Calc pivot table does not preserve word wrap format on refresh. What I wrote there should tell you the reasons for what you complain about.

In your case it may help to modify the predefined cell style Pivot Table Category (and probably also Pivot Table Corner to the textz direction 90° under Alignment. It will unavoidably afflict all the pivot tables in your document.

Thanks for explaining. That sucks, since I only want a select set of cells rotated, not all of them. Seems it might be smarter short term just to switch to WPS Office which works as expected with pivot tables. Do you know if there’s any plans to support normal functions in pivot tables in future versions of LibreOffice?