Saving document files

I have an iMac and I have a problem with LibreOffice version I did not have before I downloaded the latest version.

When I want to save the file, for example Section 5, and go “Save as” Section 5 to the desktop or other location, it saves the file as “” I can not change the extension or don’t know how. It also assigns an extension looking like this: .sb-4597dc1d-ojSC9I. If I double click the file it opens in TextEdit but if I open LibreOffice and go “File; open, Desktop; Section5 it opens correctly but with the funny extension.

If I save to the desktop it shows a blank square with the right upper corner bent inside but not ODT or the green symbol for a spreadsheet.

I went through all the menus to see if I can find a strange setting but was unsuccessful.

Hello ingo1942, perhaps it helps if you set the Open/Save dialogs to LibreOffice’s own internal dialogs.
Select the menu “Tools:Options…”, then select the listbox item “LibreOffice:General”, and check the checkbox called “Use LibreOffice dialogs”

I do not see "Tools; Options on my menu but when i have a little more time i will look for it.
Thank you so much.

I looked at your other post here, and I have a hunch that you might have a virus or some malware causing this. Many other people use LO on apple and have no issues like this. The issues you report are strange and suggestive to me of something very wrong. Can you restore your OS, run some sort of virus detection, and also where did you get the LO? It may be that the LO was contaminated or that your OS is contaminated, … or that I am just wrong. But something smells wrong to me about this.

I hope you are wrong but once i have figured out how to do the things you tell me, i will do so. Maybe i am better off to consult a pro before i screw up more.
I did run Malwarebytes but it can not detect anything, any other suggestion?

I got notice of a web site of mine that had been hacked yesterday. It is upsetting, but unfortunately part of the world we now live in. I hope I am wrong about your case too. Try reinstalling, and from Try resetting your profile.