Saving LO editor prefernces for updating

I’m wondering if there’s a way to save the settings and preferences (such as keyboard shortcuts) of LO before uninstalling the program for updating to anew version. If not possible to save fro LO as a whole, is it possible to save for Writer?

The customised settings and preferences are saved in your user profile. This user profile is located in a hidden directory of your home folder (at least under Linux – you didn’t mention your OS).

When LO is updated, the update process operates on the system directories only. Your home folder is unaffected. Consequently, your user preferences are unaffected.

However, from time to time, application evolution causes the format of saved preferences to become incompatible. In this case, you must reset your user profile, losing your saved preferences. This can be mitigated by saving the user profile which is itself a set of directories. You can try after the reset to selectively replace some subdirectories (like your user dictionary, keyboard shortcuts, …) and see if they are still compatible.

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