Saving problems

I want to be able to open a file with writer and save it using Save as… with a different name in the same folder I opened it inittialy from.
E.g. A text file in D:\Documents\2014\August\a\b\c\d\e\f\g… etc I open this file make changes to it and then I want to save it with different name in this same folder without navigating back to it.

Is this possible?
Cuz now if i open Example 1 folder and the last thing I saved something was in example 2 folder, and want to save to example 1, it default settings are example 2. Even I havent touched the folder since last time.


Please use a more descriptive title, and please write more clearly - this was difficult to understand.

I can’t reproduce what you describe. There’s an option under Tools > Options > General called “use LibreOffice Dialogs”. Both the LO dialogs and the native dialogs (I’m running KDE Plasma 5 on Ubuntu) default to the folder of the file I opened.

Presumably you are on Windows based on the example file path you gave. If LO is using the Windows save dialog for you and you don’t like what it’s doing, try changing the setting I mentioned and see if you like the LO dialogs better.