Search by form in Lo Base

I am trying to replicate Search by Form in Access, where the Text Boxes on the form become Drop Downs, to Select the Criteria, from the Form Table.


Take a look in the LibreOffice Base documentation here → LibreOffice Base Guide.

Look in Chapter 4 - Forms. There is a section near the end of the chapter titled Searching and filtering in forms using the navigation bar.

That should be of help.


Here may be some other links that may be of help -

Hi, Thanks for your reply. I am working through it. I am aware of the navigation bar search but I do not want to display a dialog. To clarify my
question: In MS Access 2007, and I believe all later versions, When you click the filter by form button it clears all the text boxes on the form and shows a Drop Down button to the right of each. When you click on the button it displays a list of all distinct entries in that field of the table / query
record source for the table. You can select a value in as many of the
textboxes (fields) as you want. When you click the Apply Filter button it uses your selections as criteria to filter the recordset.


Please refrain from asking about Access functions within Base. Better to state what you are tying to accomplish. Base is far from what Access is. You can do a lot with macros in coming close to most of those functions in Base but that is not for casual users. Learning the API is quite a task. Also many here have given up Access long ago - myself included. Don’t remember half of it.

Please look at the additional links provided, especially the first. Table filtering is quite common, with many examples in that post & here on this site. It is not quite what you want but probable the closest without coding.

I do not understand the sharpness of your response. I was only explaining what I was trying to do in Base by referring Access. I am very surprised if you do not have other users who are trying to replicate what they have previously done in other DB systems or even spreadsheets. Very surprised at the tone of your response to my first post on this forum for many years.

What ‘sharpness’, ‘tone’? Simply asked (with the word Please) not to use terminology from other software. Access terms were in the question and your comment. Most don’t have the software to examine specified term(s) and descriptions based on how this looks is not the easiest to follow and not always accurately depicted. Still cannot say my answer will be close enough to what you need.

Neither Access nor Base are databases. They are simply front ends to a database. These are the two typical players in database front ends. So, no. Do not get other replication questions. Most Access users switching never mention items by Access terms. After looking at Base many just return to Access because of the inability to convert anything but tables. And when it comes to spreadsheets, LO has Calc and this is often referred to because of interaction. Modules in LO are packaged together (typically) so terms are not a problem there.