Search for text in odt files in a folder

Is it possible to search for a text string in a series of odt files in a folder all at once?

You don’t mention your operating system. There is a bash script here that returns a list of matching files.

in Windows you just right click on the highest level folder select search and you get the search window.

image description

Do you know if this is dependent on having the indexing feature of Windows turned on?

@oweng - It works without indexing but is slower.

Below the part of the search window which I show in my previous answer there is information about “indexing” which helps to switch it on. Here is what you get:

image description

and a bit more in the Help file

Thanks for testing. I wonder whether this behaviour has been maintained in more recent versions of Windows? Indexing seems to be integral to their well-mannered operation.

More recent versions of Windows? Good question. Cannot test because I replaced my W7 with old but XP…

Maybe someone with W7 and W8 can leave and answer to your question. W7, W8 user may i please ask you to provide information?