Searchable dropdown list

how to search a large dropdown list in libreoffice calc by typing all or partial text in the dropdown box and not having to scroll the entire list to find??

Validity of Cell Contents?

Now there are two options.

1. Just spend time on the request.

2. Take a little time and go ahead.

It’s important to seek something better, but now let’s move forward with a little effort.

Workaround by JohnSUN.

These work very well.

If it’s about validity, that’s tdf#152936.

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Works for me with listboxes (form controls) with up to 32768 (2^15) entries filled with database data.

Yes, drop down box from validity.

This was a recent question. The threadstarter gave its own answer:

"Libreoffice Calc does not currently support this functionality.

See logged enhancement"